Single people now outnumber married people in America.  In Europe, the average age at whichh women first marry is 30 or older in many countries. Globally, women are getting married, if at all, much later in life.


As a community of women we have to empower ourselves to retrain our minds; find authentic celebratory joy on the life journey as a single woman; shift the paradigm of how we raise ourAs a community of women we have to empower ourselves to retrain our minds; find authentic celebratory joy in life’s journey as a single woman; shift the paradigm of how we raise our young girls to make sure they have the tools to survive in life as a single woman, full, whole and satisfied.


Celebrating single is not meant to exclude the importance of marriage and family, but instead to balance the scales a bit more as a community. A female “single” deserves just as much vigor, energy and excitement as should being married and establishing that family unit. The Single Girls Club ‘Celebrating Single Day’ is a national movement created by The Single Girls Club Founder, Stacii Jae Johnson. It is a day where single women come together all across the country and make a focused and united demonstration as single women powered forward with The Single Girls Club ‘Living, Laughing, Learning, Loving ME’ mantra.


Woman Empowerment Advocate

LifEstyle Influencer

I have a heart for single women. Why? Shucks...because I am one. 44% of the women in the US are single, 60% of that number have never been married. It is important today that girls are given the tools to live a whole, happy & fulfilling life with or without a partner or mate. I have never been married and as a young girl growing up, I was taught to go to college, find a good man, get married, find a good job and have kids. Maneuvering my way through the dating scene has been filled with constant lessons from the school of “dating hard knocks”. Being a whole and happy single was not anything that as a young girl I was given the tools to do. Focusing on education, starting a family is important; however, focusing on being a whole and happy single woman is just as important. Now, after finding my way out of having “ ore downs than ups” to having “more ups than downs”, I am determined to pass what I have learned on to other women and girls. Being a whole and happy single leads to being a whole and happy wife and mother one day, if I so choose to be. I am living, loving, laughing, learning me and helping other women do the same. I am living my best single life now.


Graduating from Spelman College, I set my sites on moving to Los Angeles 11 days after graduation. Unlike most young starlets getting off the plane, I focused on building relationships with the decision makers. Not even a year after moving to Los Angeles, I was able to secure a job as the first female production assistant on the Martin show. It was the best decision of my life. It taught me very early in life the value of sacrifice, focusing on doing the work rather than concentrating on the result, establishing good relationships and the power in being me 100%. Those relationships are key to my journey. While in Los Angeles I appeared in Hollywood block buster feature films and top rated TV shows. As one of the principal co-host on Nicci Gilbert’s webisode, Divas and Cocktails, I get to be 100% Stacii Jae. I am opinionated, my two favorite words are “I KNOW”, I don’t back down from a good debate. I am open, available, vulnerable and honest.

Since a very young girl I have always been the girl on the scene. A socialite, guiding trends with a serious knack for having the ability to genuinely win the ear of the masses. I have always been a people person. I take the influence I have very serious. I care about people and the brands and I products I believe in. People & brands trust me. They believe and know I am a credible source. I only promote and support quality. Being named one of the top 25 women in Atlanta, being the Associate Publisher to the most successful and celebrated issue of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, serving as brand ambassador for various companies along with being invited to speak and share my story are priceless opportunities that I know God blessed me with to influence women from pain to purpose.

Political Influencer

Who knew that the little girl from Memphis, Tennessee (Orange Mound) would become one of the top fundraisers in the country for President Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Atlanta Mayor, Kasim Reed? Not your usual predictable politico, I infused my out of the box thinking into politics by (1) connecting the hottest entertainers to the world’s most revered politicians in a way that would ultimately broaden each of their individual platforms and serve their overall objectives (2) leading the city of Atlanta’s efforts to develop, review and edit legislation that created the City of Atlanta’s first ever Office of Entertainment. Politics taught me that anything is possible when you implement strategy. It also showed me that winners concentrate on one thing- WINNING.


Beyond the music, radio allows me the opportunity to stay connected and inspire millions of people at one time. As an on air personality there is a responsibility to make sure the community has a voice to express itself. The best radio is the voice of the community. Creating and hosting Atlanta’s #1 girl talk radio, Black Girls Radio (BGR), a talk radio format concentrated on providing a platform directly focused on all things feminine with a consciousness towards black girls and then being recruited in less than two years by the #1 urban station in the country, CBS Radio V-103 FM to host my own weekend radio show is evidence that there is nothing I can not do, if I truly BELIEVE!

"My perception of Stacii is that of a WINNER!  She is not easily taken out of any race and laugh when she is  told No She Can't Do something. She is not afraid to step out of her box, pursue her dreams.  She is ready and equipped to reinvent herself when it is time. She is Bold even in the face of obstacles.  She is a  go getter and passionate about what she believe in.  She will not lose! Definitely an influencer.”

"People like Stacii Jae are a rarity.  The ability to move people and accomplish the things she has accomplished in the mist of difficulty and challenge above all else is impressive. She is like the energizer bunny. She just keeps going and going. Her support and way of bringing people together was instrumental to my election as Mayor of Atlanta. I will forever be grateful for that support.”

- Terry J. Vaughn, Actress

- Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta

“Stacii Jae has always had a keen sense of what it takes to establish and maintain relationships. That is an invaluable skill set in politics and entertainment.”

- Will Packer, Producer & Co-Founder Rainforest Films and Bounce TV

When Stacii Jae speaks she is the power that enters a room that affects the directional movement of the room. Her energy is high, her heart is BIG! Resilient at best. A woman with a phenomenal business mind. A conduit and a connector of people to things and other people.”

- Jamie Foster Brown, Founder & Publisher, Sister2Sister Magazine



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